Children's  Martial Arts  Program



Bring out the best in your child.

Manteca Martial classes for Children are structured and disciplined to build your Childs self confidence and control – and they are a lot of fun too! Classes are safe, fast paced, educational and provide the right amount of challenge – especially designed to bring out the best in your child.

Your child’s ability to concentrate will improve. Children learn to focus their energy constructively – which results in better school grades and behavior.
We invite you to register your child for a free trial class. That way you can check out our facility see what we have to offer, maybe chat with some other parents to see what they think about our studio. For a free trial  class call 209 825 – 8640 or




Tiny Tigers ages 3 - 4 Years old

At Manteca Martial Arts we pride ourselves on being the only martial arts school in the Manteca area we know of offering classes to this age group. The children learn to listen to another adult other then mom or dad preparing them for preschool and kindergarten. They learn balance and coordination as well as basic stranger danger in an upbeat fun environment.

Children’s Beginner Class 5 – 12 Years Old

At Manteca Martial Arts we separate our classes into Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels so students may learn at their own pace. This also ensures we give our students the attention they deserve.