Adult Karate Programs.


For Adults we have classes in :

Shaolin Kempo
At Manteca Martial Arts, we teach a self-defense-oriented system of martial arts called Shaolin Kempo. This system provides many blocking, kicking, punching, and grappling self-defense techniques suitable for individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities! In a rigorous but non-competitive way, our expert instructors help each student rise to

the best of his or her physical and mental abilities. In the Manteca Ca area.

Combined with the Shaolin Kempo system is the Traditional Okinawa system of Shotokan. This system is fantastic for conditioning the body. With low stances, powerful punching and kicking techniques students are able to increase their flexibility and endurance, as well as improve their concentration. Shotokan has many self defense techniques incorporated into the kata’s and drills taught at Manteca Martial Arts in the Manteca Ca area.

At Manteca Martial Arts we teach a very practical easy to learn curriculum in our kickboxing system. Students will do all the training necessary to actually get into the ring and fight without actually having to do so. The training is so cardio vascular that you cannot help but lose weight, tone the body and be in the best shape of your life.


Build Self esteem
Build Self Confidence
Get physically fit
Improve agility
Gain Strength physically and mentally
Relieve stress
Gain Flexibility
Learn to control your fears
Learn to avoid the bullies of the world and how to deal with them if you can’t.
Improved leadership skills
Self Defense
Get cardiovascular workouts

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